A 23 year old taking life one dairy free doughnut at a time. Forever sipping black iced coffee and counting down the days until football begins. A National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Advocate, eating disorder surviver, happy gym go-er, part of the Miss America Organization for 2 years and an aspiring model. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world.

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Fit Tip Friday

December  28, 2018: Feeding Your Abs!

I frequently get asked “what exercises do you do for your abs?” “You have such a strong core.” Well, I could lie and say that I spend a chunk of time at the gym working my core everyday, but I don’t. The secret to a toned stomach is almost 80% of what you eat. Some trainers and professionals even claim that percentage is higher.

Do eat foods high in fiber and protein. Some of my go to’s are eggs, non-fat greek yogurt, tuna, chicken and dark leafy greens.

Don’t eat high processed foods loaded with sugar and limit or avoid alcohol all together. Also be aware of fruits. Although fruit is good it should also be consumed in moderation due to its natural sugar content. Too much can cause bloating.

My Tip: 

For all my sweet lovers (aka me) who can’t seem to stay away…I allow myself three Hershey Kisses at night. I satisfy my cravings without feeling guilty about over indulging or binge eating. I am all for clean eating but you also need to live. If milk chocolate still makes you feel slight guilt then grab the dark stuff! In moderation both milk and dark chocolate have health benefits.

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