Glamour Queen

Confessions of a Glamour Queen

To outsiders I am the stereotypical “girly” prototype. I get my hair and nails done, shop until I run my bank account into the ground (but that’s another issue) and get giddy when I see a gorgeous new hand bag or make-up palette. And I can’t forget drooling over any kind of jewelry, especially rings because yes, diamonds are a girls best friend. But being glamorous every day may not seem as glamorous as everyone thinks.

I love mornings, after hitting the snooze button a few times. Waking up early before work catching the news and drinking coffee, you could say I skipped over my twenties and became thirty-five overnight. Routine is key for a glamour queen like myself. My routine helps set my mood for the day, if it’s disturbed I feel thrown off.  Mornings are also my favorite because that means make-up and clothes. There is an indescribable sensation applying a new eye-liner or showing off a new pair of fitted jeans. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get lazy. My favorite spot to apply make-up is on the floor in front of my hanging door mirror (not so glamorous). No, I do not have a huge vanity with bright white lights, I have my floor and a $10 mirror from target.

To be honest I like to keep a nice representation of myself, when I look good I feel good. I think our generation has become too comfortable with yoga pants and sweatshirts and while there is nothing wrong with those items of clothing I feel they do not represent me or my personality. In this world you never know who you’re going to run into and I don’t picture myself running into Ryan Reynolds in sweats. Like that will ever happen but you never know.

I get asked frequently “why are you dressed up”? And “Doesn’t it take you a long time to get ready?” To answer both it’s who I am and it what makes me feel confident. Not cocky, confident. My favorite question and response “where do you shop? Your clothes look awfully expensive”. And negative. I will shop wherever I can find a great piece of clothing at a great price. I work, a lot. Which another thing people find surprising for some reason. When I do spend a little extra on myself I don’t feel guilty, I deserve it. So whether it’s a second-hand store or a name brand, if its cute and reasonably priced I am buying it.

And oh do I have my lethargic days. Yes I am human, I bum around from time to time in my Wal-Mart sweats eating powered donuts probably looking like a troll. I said I was a girly-girl not a Barbie doll. It’s the not so glamorous side to being glamorous.

Being glamorous is glamorous but also takes a certain kind of dedication and self-worth. I do not hide behind my make-up or clothing, I bring out my best self when I take care of myself. And taking care of yourself should always be priority.


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