If We Can Agree On One Thing, It’s Grandma Love is Better Than Any Other Kind of Love 

Dear G-Mama,

A thank you just isn’t quite enough for all that you’ve done for me  but I can give it a try. Since I can remember you were always the first to take me school shopping (and still do to this day). If I ever struggled for one second whether it was financially or going through a stupid break up you never made me feel embarrassed in the slightest. You were always lending a helping hand and with out a doubt a huge smile on your face.

It actually amazes me at 75 years old you still stay up passed midnight to go Black Friday shopping, even if this year I recommend we push you around in a carriage; you have to admit that would be hilarious.

And I love that you love food because I do too. You never hesitate to go out for a bite to eat no matter what time of the day. I will never forget the past few years we literally stayed out until 4 am because what better way to end Black Friday shopping then with pancakes from Denny’s.

I know we are older now and life seems to always get in the way, but I will never stop appreciating all the small gestures you do for me. Let’s face it, my college apartment would be empty if you weren’t there helping me buy bedding and accessories.

And with out a second thought, I know  Grampy is with us when we do all those things because he wouldn’t miss it for the world. I believe he’s the one that gives you the strength to run around all night with three crazy girls, 24, 21, and 18 years old.

This is a sincere thank you for every single thing you’ve done for me!

Rock on G-Mama, you’ve still got a lot more Black Friday shopping ahead of you!

With Much Love,

The little girl who mistaked your wrinkles for tiger stripes!

P.S. I’m still waiting for that hot tub you promised me when I was 6 years old for having a stellar report card. But take your time it’s already been 15 years!

Love you Gram ❤️


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