Dear Kim Kardashian..

Dear Kim Kardashian,

As I lie awake in my bed unable to sleep I am always drumming up a perfect world for myself. As I am thinking of my “perfect life” your name seems to linger in the back of my mind. I mean you’re everywhere, you did so happen to “break the internet”.

When I wake up in the morning I climb out of my twin sized bed I’ve had since I was five or six years-old. I look to the left and my sister’s clothes are scattered on the ground. I look up and find an empty bed where my brother refuses to sleep. Then I look straight ahead of me and see my beautiful, hard-working mother sound asleep after working all night. I pour myself store-brand cereal and turn on the television my mom has owned since the late 80’s. There you are.

I can’t help but be in total envy of you. I am not going to lie I think you’re beautiful but it’s more than beauty, it’s comfortability. You have the greatest gift. Waking up knowing you have a meal waiting for you to devour (a damn good one too), a closet probably bigger than my families apartment filled with shoes, purses and jewelry. All these tiny pieces of security you establish fill my head as I watch you easily spend thousands on unnecessary material; actually it makes me a little sick and my mother always yells at us for even supporting your show.

I turn off the television and get ready for my job. I love my career in nutrition but making a few dollars over minimum wage isn’t enough when I am drowning in student loans, own a car and have to budget the simplest items such as deodorant and shampoo because I may not have enough financially that week. Can I ask, do you give a second thought about buying shampoo because you’re worried about paying bills?

Flash-back, five-year old Kylee, Kindergarten talent show, year 2000; the moment I knew I wanted to perform. With out any fear I carried my boom-box in playing the single of the year “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears of course and started singing. I danced and sang the whole song with my dad beside me. When the song ended all my peers were clapping and smiling from that moment on I knew I was meant to perform. Whether it be acting, singing, dancing I was born for this..or so I thought. In my perfect world I would drop everything move to the city, become a model, buy my parents the house of their dreams and live securely. But that is the difference between you and me. I owe it to my parents to stay, because when I needed them they never left.

As my dream seems to fade a little more each day I can feel myself falling a part with it. A few weeks ago I finished a 91 hour work week and still made less than $1,000 did I mention I am only twenty-one. I am working myself day-to-day with nothing to show for. After a while it gets mentally and physically exhausting. I am chasing a false reality, ironically one you happen to live in.

Let me just be crystal clear on one thing. I am by no means stating you are not hard-working and deserve all that you possess. And I am not purposely singling you out amongst other celebrities. You just seem to be on every magazine, billboard and television screen. But my message to you is simple. Go to your closet and pull together an outfit. Let me ask how much does it cost? How often do you even wear it? And I know you don’t know me but I want you to think of my dream and all other dreams that may never have a chance to be fulfilled whatever the reason. Know you are extremely lucky in more ways than one.


Dream Chaser



2 thoughts on “Dear Kim Kardashian..”

  1. Wow, I love the honesty of this post! Some days it really does feel like you’re swimming against the tide. I touched on this in my first blog post. A lot of posts I see are very much about being positive but sometimes it feels great just to say, you know what, life isn’t fair sometimes so I’m going to have abit of a rant. I do it all the time, and i usually feel better for it afterwards. Really enjoyed reading your opinions 💗

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