This One’s For You

Where do I even begin. We met three summers ago at a crappy fast-food restaurant but our attraction to each other was anything but crappy. I don’t know what I fell for first, your soft smile, your deep green eyes with gorgeous eyelashes to match or your charming personality. I would catch myself staring at you and not wanting to look away. I was infatuated with everything you did and still do.

The countless moments we’ve shared lying in your bed giggling over God know’s what. Binge watching our favorite shows; New Girl, Trailer Park Boys, It’s Always Sunny and Orange is The New Black just to name a few. Calling me beautiful when I had just stuffed my face with three pieces of pizza and two slices of cake. Random car rides to get scratch tickets or planned trips to the New Hampshire mountains. Not to mention the amount of miles you put on your car driving me to and from. And I can’t forget blasting a Day to Remember and Issues everywhere we go.

Above all, you’ve supported me no matter how crazy and psychotic I get. The amount of times I whined for your delicious mac and cheese, to the times I really needed a shoulder to cry on, literally sobbing in your arms. You were there and still are.

We’ve been together for almost three years now and I couldn’t be more proud of the man you are becoming. I know this article doesn’t even touch upon how much you truly mean to me. But watching you grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life and sharing your world with me. You will always be my favorite manual driver (because I taught you how).

I love you always in all ways.


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