Surprising Things That Happened When I Stopped Exercising

1. Weight Loss- Not super shocking to me but to a lot, yes. When you exercise frequently you’re going to have a higher muscle mass, when you suddenly stop you can lose muscle quickly and easily. Since muscle weighs more than fat you can see a drop on the scale, just as I did. 

2. Sugar Crave-I’ve always had a sweet tooth but since my break from the gym I’ve noticed a heightened need for anything sugar. Chocolate, cookies and especially breakfast pastries (can never resist a heated up chocolate chip muffin…pairs too well with my coffee).

3. Fatigue-I’ve been getting at least seven hours of sleep every night I rise feeling drowsy and sometimes foggy. 

4.Confidence Boost-Oddly enough I’ve felt a greater sense of confidence. I think it’s because I can get pretty fixated on a routine that switching it up has actually felt pretty good. My thoughts aren’t consumed with hitting the gym and when my next exercise will take place. 

5. Eating Less- Although, I crave the sweets more I noticed I am more tentative to what I’m eating and my eating pace. I’ve slowed down slightly and get fuller faster. Hence, I’m enjoying my food more. 

6. Reading More- I think my brain feels it needs to fill a void so I’ve been reading more and reading is great brain food. I’ve gotten lost into a few books over the past couple weeks and it’s awesome. 

I’ll eventually get back into the swing of things because exercising has always been a part of my life in some form or another. My body knows better than I what it needs and currently that need is a break. But for now I’m enjoying my early fall switch up, the gym isn’t leaving anytime soon and it’ll be there when I’m ready. 


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