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Benefits of Daily Stretching

As a former dancer I am constantly stretching but stretching isn’t just for dancers or athletes, it’s for everyone. A few stretches through out the day can provide healthy benefits.

img_8700Increase Energy: Waking up in the morning is always rough. Taking a few minutes to stretch increases blood flow and wakes up your muscles signaling them it’s time to start the day!

Stress Relief: Stretching is proven to reduce stress by lowering the body’s stress hormone “Cortisol”. Especially during late night cram sessions for school, taking a break to stretch for a couple minutes can help redirect your mind. When your muscles feel relaxed you feel relaxed. 

Posture: Most, if not all of us could use a posture alignment. Stretching back and chest muscles can help significantly.

Flexibility: Who doesn’t want to be more flexible? Tight areas on the body such as back and behind the legs (hamstrings) can tighten easily. Stretching these muscles allow for a wider range of motion. Simple tasks such as touching your toes will become a breeze! 

Injury Prevention: Stretching before and after any type of physical activity is key for optimal performance and reduces risk for injury. 

Best part about stretching is it can be done at any age, endurance level and place of your choosing. It takes little time to reap many benefits!

Links below for each benefit!







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