Watching A Loved One In Pain…

It has to be one of the worst experiences. Witnessing my other half, break and crumble into my arms. Seeing the light in your eyes disappear as your tears wash it away. I would give anything to put that spark back. As you lye on my chest it feels tight and heavy. I feel every ounce of emptiness and sorrow run through your veins.

I run my fingers through your hair whispering softly “it’s going to be ok, I am never leaving you”. At this┬ávulnerable moment I have never seen you so strong. In every form of the word you are putting up a fight.

Watching you in pain frustrates me. I want more than anything to take away your sadness, guilt, worry and replace it with promise and eternal happiness. It frustrates me to know I can’t give you that.

But what I can give you is hope, comfort, vent-sessions, love (lots of love), kisses, hugs, cuddles, Cheeze-Its, berry/cherry gummies and time the list goes on. I will always give you my undivided attention and support.

I am not a mind reader and I do not fully understand your level of pain. My heart hurts but I know it’s not hurting as much as yours. I will forever be your safe haven, the one you can run to, I’m here and here to stay.

“The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens…don’t give up.”


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