You Know It’s the End of the Semester When…


  1. Instead of having a mental breakdown once a week it pretty much happens everyday.
  2. Not even caring if a car hits you crossing the street because it’s an excuse to get you out of a final.
  3. Sleep….what’s that?
  4. You have coffee with every meal or coffee is the only thing you consume because who has time to eat?!
  5. The library becomes your new home for a few weeks.
  6. You stress about your stress.
  7. You actually start to miss your siblings…slightly.
  8. You talk to your parents more.
  9. You’re so broke you want to work but also want to sleep through your entire winter break.
  10. You just want to sleep in your own dang bed!
  11. You constantly play Christmas music which annoys everyone else but you can’t get enough.
  12. And the real reason you cry is because you miss your pets more than anything.

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