What Every Extrovert Wants You To Know About Them 

Extroverts are notorious for always wanting to be around others but we like our alone time too. We are still human and as much as we love socializing we also cherish our down time. 

Delegating is not one of our strong suits. We are bold and outspoken but we admire those who put us in our place because we can get carried away sometimes. 

We love to talk no doubt but we are actually incredible listeners. When it comes to giving advice extroverts are always ready and willing, our doors are always open. 

Our outgoing personalities tend to get mistaken for flirting. I’m sorry to say, 99.9% of the time we’re not. We love human interaction and getting to know new people excites us! 

Lastly, just because we may always seem uplifted, spirited and happy doesn’t mean we are. Nobody is confident everyday of their lives, extroverts are just better at hiding it! 


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