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Why College Will Not Be The Best Four Years of My Life

As one of my final semesters of undergrad comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on my past four years. But first, lets time travel to June 2013 before it all started.

I had just graduated high school and could not wait to leave my small town. I was ready to move to a place where no one knew my name and that excited me. I could be anything I wanted, high school was finally over.

I received my first glimpse of “college life” in 2011, when I was helping my cousin move into her freshman dorm. At this point I was only entering my junior year in high school but it actually got me excited and from there on my heart was set on undergrad.

As I was set to veer off on this new adventure, I constantly had people setting high expectations for how college was going to be. “Your roommates will be your best friends.” “You will never want to come home.” “College will be the best four years of your life.” Now, 2016 and one semester away from graduation and none of those above statements ever applied to me.

I wish they told me, it’s ok not to be best friends with your roommate(s). I figured out over the past four years that I am a highly independent person, I love my alone time. When you live with other people alone time doesn’t really exist, you don’t have a space to call your own.  But for some people, your roommates will become your best friends and thats perfectly fine too.

I worked through all four years of school and that definitely gave me a different perspective, I had more responsibility than a lot of other students. Attending a private institution, I quickly learned a lot of people came from money and I was certainly not one of those people. Most of my shifts were early mornings, partying was’t really an option for me. I decided to try it a few times because I was afraid I was missing out. I then learned, going to work hungover was miserable. So, partying until 4 a.m. wasn’t worth suffering through an eight hour shift entirely revolved around food. 

Speaking of food…If anyone says you won’t miss home they are 150% lying, unless you actually despised your family and being home. You’re going to miss it at some point, even if it’s the little things such as cooked meals, your own bathroom or your bed, nothing will ever really beat being home with your family. It’s only where you had spent the last eighteen years.

Everyone will experience college differently, our needs and wants are all different. But I beg of you, please don’t make college your best four years. Your future is just beginning and you’re not really giving it much of a chance if you’ve already decided the best four years have come and gone.

To sum it up, college was definitely an experience and one I would’ve never predicted. It taught me a lot, which is the whole purpose right, to learn and grow? The most valuable lesson it taught me was, college is not going to be the best four years of my life because I deserve way more and you do too. 


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