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I Refuse to Let You Take Advantage of My Kind Heart

It’s both a blessing and a curse to have the kindest of hearts; the ability to feel so deeply and also forgive quickly and easily, even when forgiveness isn’t always deserved. It’s disappointing to witness a harmless, good natured person be taken advantage of because they’re nice. 

Over the years I’ve seen many people get taken advantage of, but the hardest to witness was my mom. 

My mom is the most selfless human I will probably ever encounter. And I know everyone says that about their mom but mine truly is a blessing in my life and every one else’s. 

To start, her work ethic is incredible. I’ve seen her work through a variety of jobs; each one having its own obstacles. Recently she took a third shift job, which lets be honest isn’t fun. But she did it to support of her family. 

Secondly, she’s extraordinary with people. My mom has this beautiful gift of looking past anyone with a disability or who may not fit the status quo because she knows their physical state doesn’t define who they are.  She’s worked with special needs adults and children for a handful of years and she’s loved them like her own children. 

Unfortunately, others see her kindness as a way to get what they want. I will never understand the motives behind some people. She was simply blessed with the kindest of hearts, a heart that can’t  refuse even the coldest of ones. 

I would say I’m much like my mom; I got my heart from her and my fire from my dad. I refuse to let anyone take advantage of my hear, I’ve seen what’s it’s done to the people I love. Watching her work the way she does and sacrifice her well-being for others has taught me having a good heart will always make you win in the end. But I refuse to let these three things happen to me:

I refuse to let you over work me because I am willing to always stay a few extra hours. If you’re a good worker it’s hard to say no because you know the help is needed and you’re willing to do it. But it becomes a problem when its made into a habit and you start working 50-60 hour weeks. I’ve learned to say yes but within reason. I know I’m still a great worker and my boss knows that too. 

I refuse to let you belittle  me because you think I won’t speak up. Like I said I get my fire from my dad, I’ve learned there is always a time and a place to speak up, just because I have a good heart doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice. 

I refuse to let you mistake my kindness for fakeness. If I had a penny for every time someone called me “fake” or “pretending to be happy” I would be rich. It also comes with being a Gemini, I am a social butterfly by nature. Meeting new people and having meaningful conversations drives me, I love it. 

Kind hearted people will always come out on top in the end, because even though they don’t always get kindness back, they’re constantly raidiating out to the world, that’s just what they do and that’s just want we need. 


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