In Search of My Calling


A calling is a strange thing if you think about it. We get an unexpected urge that runs through our whole body. This feeling is signaling to us, that whatever we are doing is what we we’re meant to do, it drives us forward in our career or our personal lives.

Some have known from the time they were young what their calling may be and others, don’t stumble across it until much later in life. Me, I have no idea. With graduation quickly approaching (less than 6 months), it’s becoming more clear I’m at a loss regarding my career and for a planner such as myself, that frustrates me.

Being a typical Gemini I am more indecisive than the average person. If there was a major in college for “everything” that’s what I would be studying. Because I know I am not meant to do just one thing forever.

I started working in a rehabilitation hospital a little over a year ago. I am studying nutrition in school, so I thought gaining some experience in a clinical setting would propel me towards a better career.

My first few months were nothing what I expected. I started as a simple dishwasher. Worked only three-hour shifts with mostly teenagers and thought to myself, “this certainly isn’t going to work”, but I stuck it out, I needed a job.

A couple more months passed and my supervisor approached me saying they would happily train me in the diet office, finally something that interests me, because soaking dishes definitely didn’t. It still wasn’t what I thought it would be but it’s better than dry hands and smelly food.

A few weeks ago I was ranting to boyfriend in the car about my job. “What if I never find true happiness with my career?” “Will I ever be able to afford the lifestyle I want to establish?” My boyfriend perfectly replied back “Babe I think your calling is just helping people.” I ponder on this thought and think back to a moment a couple of weeks prior.

I had that “Ah Ha” moment, a clue to my calling. I absolutely adore working with patients. This moment came about when I was assisting an older gentlemen with his menu. He has trouble seeing and writing so I offered to read the menu and circle his options for him. During the entire four minutes I had never felt the immense feeling of joy that flooded my body. And to justify my feeling even more, he finished off by saying “God bless your sweet, patient soul.” Nothing filled my heart more than seeing him so thankful for such a small gesture.

“I aid in patient recovery, I can say I was a part of his journey and helped him heal”.

My boyfriend couldn’t have been more right, my calling is helping people.

Back to the first sentence of this post, calling’s are strange and life is strange. A job I thought I wouldn’t last more than three months at, ended up being the job that guided me toward my purpose.  And the great news, I can help people in every subject matter at any job. That definitely satisfies my indecisiveness.

To put it simply, I was so set on finding my calling, I didn’t realize I had already found it. I thank that man every day. If I ever see him again I want him to know, he had changed my life in only four minutes.






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