To The Man Who Loved Me First (A.K.A. Dad)


img_9532Dear Dad,

Remember when I was five years old and wanted to spit like you because I thought it was cool. But then I said “Hey Dad I don’t want to do that anymore I’m a girl”.

Remember going on every single field trip in elementary school? You never missed one, until I told you it wasn’t cool to have your Dad chaperone anymore.

Remember surprising me in Rhode Island for a dance competition? I was bummed because this was my winning solo and I really wanted you to see it. You left work, drove 2 hours just to watch me perform for two and a half minutes on stage.

Remember when you told me “Boys are Yucky” so I would stay away from them for as long as you could control. Oh wait, you still do that!

Remember trying to braid my hair? Never came out like mom’s did, but the effort was all I wanted and it made me happy.

Remember whenever I got sick, I craved Papa Gino’s Cheese Ravioli’s and you brought them home, regardless if I ate them or not.

Remember me singing Kenny Chesney (a country singer I hated at the time) in the back of your car on the way to a dance competition. It was my first ballet solo and I was a nervous wreck and you sang along too, to calm my nerves.

Remember when I used to eat a box of Devil Dogs in one sitting and you created my nick-name K-Dog, which you still call me to do this day.

Remember picking me up from dance and going through Burger King after each practice? We called it our daddy/daughter mini-dates. Still don’t know how I stayed so thin!

Remember my first prom? Sending me off with my first boyfriend and taking everything you had in you to not grill him. And of course reminding me “boys are yucky” as I left.

Remember when I got accepted to my top undergraduate school and you were the first one I hugged and cried with.

Remember freshman and sophomore year of college when you stopped by nearly every week and bought me groceries? Because I was carless and broke.

Remember the song we made up when I was three? “I love you sooooooooo much, I love you huuuuuuuge bunches!”

Well I remember, I remember it all. You were always there and always will be there. You were the first man to believe me, the first man to tell me how beautiful I am, and the first to ever love me. To man who loves me now, you’re doing a phenomenal job, my dad is proud, even though boys are still yucky!

Love You Forever. Always, K-Dog






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