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A Letter To All The Wonderful People Who Never Gave Me A Glance In High School

“High school was the best part of my life!” Said no one ever. 

I would describe my high school experience as extremely mediocre. I went to class, maintained above average grades  and kept a close knit group of friends; and by that I mean two or three people. 

It’s seems so silly to me now. Waking up extra early, picking out an outfit and putting on a decent amount of make-up, all to impress who? The quote on quote “cool kids”. Now, I roll out of bed and make sure my hair and teeth are at least brushed. 

From the outside looking in, it seemed as though I had it all. I was on sports teams, a part of the yearbook committee, a part of the Spanish National Honor Society and overall an up beat person. I got along with everyone and didn’t have enemies, that I knew of. 

But people suck and more importantly teenagers suck. I am definitely the girl who did not peak in high school and if you didn’t fit their standard of beauty and grace, popularity wasn’t exactly an option. 

A couple years after graduation I had started to receive comments on my appearance. And to be honest, at that point in my life, I was over it. Don’t get me wrong, compliments are compliments and it made me feel good but I wasn’t concerned with who thought I was good looking. 

So here it goes..

Dear Wonderful Alum, 

I hope you’re well and life is going great for you. I just wanted to write this short letter to tell you I’m doing well too. 

I won Miss Merrimack 2017, finished with a 3.85 gpa last semester, and partnered with an organization for Mitochondrial disease to name a few, but I’m not writing to brag. I’m writing to tell you, I did it all on my own.  I didn’t need confirmation from you like I did in high school.

I’m far beyond over it. But it’s important for other people to read this too, the students who are in high school now. When they get out, they’re going to realize high school is only a tiny snapshot of their life.The popular crowds rarely stay together forever because they eventually grow up and move on too.

I’m sure if you knew then what you know now you might change. But that’s part of life, some people are meant to spark sooner than others. And it’s safe to say I’m glad my spark is just being fired, because my life is really only just beginning. 

Let’s Catch Up Sometime. 




4 thoughts on “A Letter To All The Wonderful People Who Never Gave Me A Glance In High School”

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