Finding My Third Space

As far as I know we have two moving legs, a mouth to speak, creative minds and beating hearts but correct me I’m wrong. Most of us also have some sort of access to transportation, so why are we constantly being confined to two spaces? The two infamous spots we know all too well, home and work.

Home is where we cook, clean, love, sometimes fight but hopefully, always feel comfortable. Work for a lack of a better word, is a place of mental stimulation. Usually stress and routine are accompanied with the work space.

Not even three weeks into the New Year and I’m already hearing this concept of the “Third Space”. Maybe I’ve been spent too much time at home and work to realize this third space concept was even a thing.  Supposedly, your Third Space is created to counter act your home and work life. It is claimed to be the solution to life balance and happiness. It’s hard for me to believe a single space can be the key to life happiness. But it got me reflecting on my own spaces, I decided to break down places you’ll most likely find me.

First Space, My Home. It’s no secret I live in a crowded apartment with a family of five. Talk about no privacy. The only privacy I ever get is taking a shower. This is why I believe I’ve conjured up into the clean freak I am today. 21 years of constant clutter and it still gives me slight anxiety. But with that said, I’ve grown up here. It’s small but I have always been provided with everything I have ever needed and wanted.

Second Space, My Boyfriend’s Home. Unlike me, he has a spacious home, the key word there. He has a place to run to and I run here too, a lot. I’m at his house more than my own and its because I feel like I can breathe. Even though I tend to clean his room more than he does, that’s the clean freak in me.

Third Space, The Gym. If you know me, even a little, I’m constantly talking about when my next work out will be or you’ll find me stretching is random places. This is the space that I know will never let me down, it’s honestly one of my favorite spots, if not my absolute favorite.

Fourth Space, The Car. Another favorite place of mine. When I am by myself I can blast the music as loud as I want, sob my eyes out to Taylor Swift or just cruise around on a summer night, I can jump in and go.

Fifth Space, Work. I decided to put this fifth not because it’s my least favorite, I actually enjoy my career but because I spend the least amount of time here. I’m grateful I am able to spend most of my time in all my other favorite spaces! And the list goes on.

What I’ve learned about the Third Space, is that for one, we should have many third spaces. Besides the gym, I love the dance studio and the third floor corner of the library, where it’s so silent, I can dive into a book and think out loud.

Secondly, go where your mind is free, your perspective is clear and your creativity can explode. Seek spaces you connect with, each space should be a different part of you. 

Lastly, who wants to live bopping between a few different places? The world is too big and our hearts are too restless. Move your legs, speak your mind and listen to your heart. We were not born to work then die. This new year, do something for yourself, find your Third Space(s), they be closer than you think.



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