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30 Easy To Love Things About Winter

If you know me, even a little, you know I hate winter. I am a big baby when it comes to tolerating the cold and I have never gotten into winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. Almost everything about it makes me miserable; dry/pale skin, dry hair, having to wear pants, puffy jackets, well I could go on forever. 

Growing up in New England we get some bizarre weather! It could be 80 degrees one day and a snow storm the next. Unfortunately, we experience more chilly days than warm ones and it doesn’t look like I’m moving anytime soon. 

It’s safe to say I am definitely a June baby, right down to my core. But currently, as I’m watching the snow fall from my glass door, I can’t deny how beautiful it really is, which inspired me to write this blog. Even if a winter hater like me can find some warmth in the cold then you can too! Here are 30 Easy To Love Things About Winter.

  1. Hot Chocolate
  2. An Excuse To Be Lazy And Binge Watch Movies All Day (No Pants Required) 🙂
  3. Cuddles
  5. Sledding (One Activity I Enjoy)
  6. Seasonal WINE (Endless Amounts of Wine)
  7. Bubble Baths
  8. Lighting Gingerbread Scented Candles
  9. Baking Cookies
  11. Cozy Blankets
  12. Getting Away With Unshaved Legs
  13. No Humidity 
  14. Snowball Fights
  15. Watching The Snow Fall and Feeling Like You’re In A Snow Globe
  16. Beautiful Pictures
  17. Sitting By The Fire Place
  18. The Peaceful Silence That Occurs During Snow Storms
  19. Christmas Music
  20. Christmas (Obviously)
  21. New Years Parties 
  22. Beer (It’s Good Too)
  23. Unexpected 80 degree Day(s)
  24. Canceled Classes
  25. Traveling To The Beach After A Storm
  26. Winter Coffee Flavors 
  27. Diving Into A Good Book
  28. The Nut Cracker
  29. Snow Drifting (For Car Lovers)
  30. Spring Is Right Around The Corner

I guess Winter isn’t that bad…yeah right, it’s just slightly less horrible.  fullsizerender


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