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Work Out Warrior

You May Be A Gym Junkie If…

1 You Plan Your Day Around Your Work Outs

The first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about at night.

2. Are Only Really Seen In Exercise Gear

Because you’re constantly hitting the gym.

3. Probably Own 10+ Pairs of Sneakers

And always looking to add more to your collection.

4. Shopping For Clothes Is Really Shopping For New Gear

Can’t leave any store with out new shorts or a foam roller.

5. You’re Constantly Looking For New Programs/Classes To Try

You love your routine but also love meeting new people and switching it up, a challenge does not scare you.

6. Your Feet And Hands Are Not The Prettiest One’s Out There 

Blisters and Calluses galore.

7. The Gym Is Your Favorite Place To Be 

It’s your hang out spot, social circle and ultimate stress reliever.

8. What’s A Rest Day?

They really don’t exist.

9. You Get Excited To Show Off A New Outfit 

Not afraid to break in new clothes with a little sweat.

10. Your Friends Call You Obsessed And Or Addicted 

They will never understand…

11. And Your Friends May Not Be Able To Keep Up With You

You have energy, it comes with being fit!

12. Have At Least One Protein Shake A Day

And honestly, may be your favorite treat of the day. It helps build muscle and keep your energy up.

13. You’d Rather Be At The Gym, Then A Party 

The gym will never give you a bad hang over…maybe sore muscles but never a hang over.

14. Most Likely A Health Science Or Nutrition Major 

Not always the case, but most people who are into fitness are also into nutrition, they go hand in hand.

15. Thinking About Missing A Work Out Makes You Cringe 

Working out makes you feel awesome and knowing you’re going to miss that feeling might stress you out.

16. Encourage Others To Join You 

You can never have enough gym buddies!


You may be a gym junkie but hey, you know it’s worth it 🙂


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