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Just Let Me, Be me

Dear Me,

To be honest, over the past few weeks, you’ve been pretty selfish; and not in the “egotistical” sense but in the sense that you’re finally putting yourself first.

You’ve had one of the best and worst semesters of your college career. You finished with a near perfect GPA, won Miss Merrimack NH 2017, were still able to work part-time and babysit a few days throughout the week. Now, you may be asking, what is so bad about that? While you’ve achieved so much in a short time, you’ve unknowingly let go of all the old parts that make you, you. You literally had to ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

Being out of school, for break, has given you much-needed time for yourself and a lot of time to think. Thinking about how sometimes, things you love, get set on the back burner, in order for you to try other things. But what happens when you forget anything on a burner? It burns (obviously) and you have to start over. You unwillingly left yourself on the back burner for too long and it started to destroy the best parts about you.

You let go of your physical well-being. Growing up you danced, a lot. Even when you weren’t dancing, you were always doing some sort of physical activity. All through college you prided yourself on staying in shape and avoiding the infamous “Freshmen Fifteen”. You never realized though, how much you actually loved exercising until you took a brief pause to focus on other things. And even though you maintained your weight, you didn’t feel like yourself, at all.

You let go of friends and gave up on trying with them. Why do you do this?!  When you get too caught up in your daily life, you neglect your support, which makes no sense. You’re extremely independent and honestly enjoy your alone time, but it’s not fair to your roommates, your sorority and your closest friends who have done nothing but try to hold on to a relationship you’ve been throwing overboard. It’s actually funny, because you’re a great listener and give damn good advice but can’t seem to hold on to a good thing, when it comes to friendships at least. It’s extremely counterintuitive for a Gemini, such as yourself. You are well-known for your out-going personality but when it comes to long-term friendships, you run.

You also let go of your confidence. You’re Miss Merrimack 2017 for heaven’s sake, find it and show others how awesome you are. You’re always too busy comparing yourself to what others have accomplished to what you’ve accomplished. And you know, it’s not fair to you because every one is at a different stage in their life but you do it anyway. We all do it, and while you’re reading this article, I hope you realize how much you truly have accomplished in four short months.

This year is your year, and not just because you love odd numbers, but because you’re working towards balance between your old-self and your new- self. I know you’re not looking for perfection, you are looking for challenges and experiences. I promise I am going to take care of you, in ways where you can flourish and allow yourself to be a better friend, better sorority sister and a better human being. Exercise more, work slightly less and learn how to have more fun. I think too often than not, you forget you’re only twenty-one and with all that life has thrown at you, take it one day at a time and embrace it. This is your last semester of undergrad and while I know you’re glad it’s almost over, you want to make the most of your last four months.

Now that it’s officially 2017, you’re ready, to let go of everything that is hindering you from growing and evolving. And trust me, growing is a scary change and a tad awkward. But you have to remember what molded you into the person you are today and not fear of what’s to come. Just allow yourself to let you, be you.

As Always, I Am So Proud Of You.


Me 🙂


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