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Back At The Mack, One Last Time

As I pack my car and head out for my final ride to my campus apartment, I honestly can’t believe this is it. It seemed only months ago I received my acceptance letter to Merrimack, pretty much died of sweat during June orientation and met my future best friends. Was this really four years ago?

Merrimack is a rare community. It’s rare in the sense that I could reach out to almost anyone (even if I don’t know them) and they would respond back to me. That I could probably walk around the whole campus in 15 minutes or less. That I’ve formed lasting relationships with almost all of my professors. That I could see the same face a few times in a day because we are a fairly small school. That there is a club/sport for everyone, literally everyone. And it’s rare in the sense that I can call Merrimack home.

Let it sink in..that one day soon, you’ll be taking your last final of your undergraduate career. One day soon, you’ll have your last Saturday night college party with the people you’ve made a billion memories with. One day soon, you’ll be playing your last game with your teammates. One day soon, you’ll be picking up your cap and gown. And one day soon, you’ll be wearing your cap and gown. One day soon, you’ll be packing up your dorm, for good. One day soon, you’ll be flipping through pictures and reminiscing some of the best days of your life. One day soon, all those late night study sessions will be worth it, when you proudly and confidently walk across stage with your degree.

Let it sink in now…we still have four more months. Now, we still have time to make more memories. Now, please don’t panic if you can’t find a job right away. Now, college is great but don’t limit the best times of your life to four short years. This was just one amazing chapter and it’s time to turn the page. Each stage of life is meant to be different and now you are ready, even if you don’t feel like you are, I promise you are. Now, let this be the best semester yet because we’re seniors and we’re awesome.

My experience at Merrimack has been one I did not expect. There were many late night sob fest, mental break downs, empty wine bottles and coffee runs. There were also many laughs, roommate dinners, crazy dance parties and skipping class every now and again. With some lows always came many highs. I thank Merrimack for allowing me to find the person I’ve been dying to meet, myself.

So, here’s to the Class of 2017, let the countdown to commencement begin!


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