If You Want Something Bad Enough…

You’ll stop making excuses and act, not discuss. 

You’ll make a significant change in your life. 

You’ll learn to be bold

You’ll start believing in yourself. 

You’ll take risks. You may fail but you’ll brush yourself off and take more risks because if you want it bad enough, it’s worth it. 

You’ll accept help when it’s necessary. 

You’ll stop putting limitations on what you can do because the sky is the limit.

You’ll most certainly get frustrated. It may take one, two or a thousand ways to figure something out. But each time you learn something new about yourself, you grow

Your life will change for the better and you may have a new found perspective

You’ll make time for it each and every day, no matter how much you want to or not. 

You’ll start a routine

You’ll realize most days will bring sunshine and positive vibes and other days will be dark and gloomy. But you’ll bring your own sunshine to those days and not let them pull you down with the rain. 

When you finally accomplish whatever it is you we’re fighting so hard for, you will aspire to achieve something even bigger and better.

You’ll learn growth is inevitable and you may become obsessed with setting new goals. 

If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way, period. 


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