Yes, I Eat Bagels 

Working at a popular fast food chain for almost three years, ironically served me well. It taught me fast food restaurants were even grosser than I thought, even parts beyond the food. But it also taught me how our fast pace society has almost forced us into this way of living. Go, go, go even if what youre eating is slowly detoriating your insides, it’s only a $1, yum!

It’s no surprise we’re the generation that can’t be kept up with. We want it, we get. It doesn’t exist we create it. But maintaining good health while constantly changing lifestyle is a bit of a struggle. These are my tips for the generation “on-the-go”.

Moderation, not deprivation. Yes, I eat bagels and donuts but I know when to. Ninety percent of the time I work damn hard. When I’m craving something a little sweet or carb loaded I treat myself. Depriving yourself of any kind of junk is actually really bad for you and can lead to binge eating episodes. Yes, watching a movie and eating a whole container of Oreos is binge eating.

Slow down. Hard to tell us millenials. Food is yummmmmy, enjoy every last bite! Focus on Whole Foods.

Socialize. Studies have proven twenty times over, eating with people reduces your risk of calorie overload. In between bites put your utensil down, take a sip of water and chat away. Don’t eat alone. Wel all know “one more bite” turns into the whole box.

Hold yourself accountable. Humans are super great at thinking we consume less calories than we actually do. The average human will intake x amount of calories a day. When asked the average person reported what they thought they ate. It helps to write everything down. If you see you accidentally might’ve eaten 4 brownies on paper chances are you’ll be disappointed in yourself but that kick starts motivation.

Look at food in a different way!


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