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My Inquisitive Soul Can’t Seem To Settle Down

As I am sitting on the couch sipping tea and watching the snow fall, I can’t help but think how much I actually hate this. I am not referring to the tea or the snow but the sitting. If you know me in the slightest, you know I can’t sit still for an extended period of time. I have just never been a fan of binge watching movies and downing an entire box of snacks. As weird as it sounds, I love keeping myself busy, and I will always be the gal who does too much.

I have been told I have an inquisitive soul, that I am infatuated with trying new things and expanding my horizons. And it is one-hundred percent true. It’s no secret my level of passion for fitness and health, considering that’s what my soon-to-be degree will be in. So call me crazy, but sometimes I do one, two, even three exercise sessions a day. It’s not a chore for me it’s my way of life. But recently I have been seeking a challenge, improving on a weakness that has been holding be back for far too long.

Four years ago I hit my back fly with too much weight and ended up completing a minor tear to my left rotator cuff, an injury you normally see in baseball pitchers. It has inhibited me from trying to new exercise because I was told if I tare it again, I will need surgery. Well, it’s been four years too long, and my cautious mind is taking over my venturesome heart.

I have tried many forms of exercise including HITT, Kickboxing, Pilates, Step, Yoga, Plyo, Zumba, and Body Pump just to name a few. If it’s out there I have probably attempted it. All unique exercises that I still practice today, but each one has never helped me strengthen my confidence to gain my arm and upper body strength back.

I decided to visit a CrossFit gym a few miles from my college. I had taken a few classes in the past and had never really gotten into it. But I also never really gave it a chance under the circumstances I was in. The first time I tried it was at my school, well because it’s free. We weren’t in an actual CrossFit gym, only a normal exercise room and the instructor was a fellow student who had just recently jumped on the CrossFit wagon himself. The class struck me the wrong way and it ended up causing me quite a bit of shoulder soreness, and not in a good way. Since then, I never had the desire to attempt another class, until a few days ago.

Now being a nutrition major I have done my research on CrossFit and the findings are conflicting. If proper form isn’t taught, people have gotten seriously injured from the fastest growing fitness movement in the nation. But with any form of exercise, if you are not taught the proper form or if you don’t know when to stop pushing your body, the result is injury. With that said, I discontinued a lot of those statements.

I don’t know what made me want to try CrossFit again, but my inquisitive heart can’t seem to settle down. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The young woman assisting me made me feel extremely comfortable, I mean it’s intimidating walking into a room with nothing but muscle power houses everywhere. She got to know my relationship with food, my previous fitness experiences and my goals. This was a complete 180 from my previous experience with CrossFit.

Yesterday was my first private and I loved every minute of it. Most of it was relatively familiar to me because I am apart of this world. She started me off with sets of pull-ups, push-ups and squats (my favorite). I told her my shoulder injury and she was more than accommodating. I felt safe with the movements and didn’t leave with any pain. I completed my first ten minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), with a total of thirteen rounds. She said, she never had someone complete that many rounds during their first private.

With my first day already under my belt, I can confirm that CrossFit may be my next challenge I take on for myself, because what’s one more thing to add to my busy list? As I am sitting on the couch writing this, I can’t believe I have been sitting this long. With my tea-cup empty and the snow finally dying off, I think it’s time to squeeze in a quick work out. 



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