Beer or Wine?

I thought when I turned 21 I would be bar hopping every weekend or hitting up the liquor store once or twice a week (I am a college student, no judge zone). But to my surprise nothing changed. I have never been a hefty drinker and I don’t know why I thought that would be any different.

Growing up my parents never had alcohol in the house and I mean never. My mom was not an avid drinker and my dad learned from an early age (pre-Kylee days) that alcohol did not mix well with him. So as a teenager it was never readily available.

After I left for college my mom started keeping more wine in the house. Now, as a college student and being close to the drinking age, of course I always wanted to try the fruity wines she kept around. And still, it would take her weeks sometimes months to finish a bottle. Like I said, not an avid drinker.

When I finally did turn that glorious age, I had to snatch myself a bottle of wine. I had been waiting too long and the excitement was real. I always saw women in movies having a glass a wine with dinner or taking a bath with candles and having a bottle at their disposal. There is something about holding a glass of wine in your hand, swooshing it back and forth until taking that first sip that is without a doubt classy. I popped the cork and eagerly poured myself a glass and it was quite disappointing to say the least. It didn’t pack the punch I was expecting it to. It was certainly sweet but almost too sweet.

I thought, how can wine be too sweet, I am a sucker for sweets I should love this. I didn’t count out wine too quickly though. I went on a wine tour and tried a surplus of wine, from dry to sweet. The dry was even worse than the sweet, maybe I am not the wine girl I thought I would be.

The day after my 21st my grandparents were camping at a site for my sister’s graduation. They always had alcohol. No, they are not alcoholics they just appreciate the craft. More often than not I saw them with beer. I never had the best beer experience. I thought the one cheap beer I had previously tried, was what all beer tasted like.

I decided to grab a Blue Moon out of their cooler and sit by the fire. This was not like any other beer I had tried before. It was crisp, light and had a slight citrus flavor to it. Since then, Blue Moon has been my “go-to” beer for the past year.

That is not all the beer I have tasted, even though it is my favorite. I have been to a variety of different breweries in the area and love watching the craft process. My first brewery tour I learned I love Double IPA beers. India Pale Ales have a more distinct flavor and usually have a higher alcohol content. They are rich with deep flavors and do not leave my mouth in dire need of water.

Unlike wine, known for its dreaded hangovers. The components of wine, mostly the sugar cause severe dehydration leaving you with a dry mouth and a pounding headache the next morning. Not to mention, wine makes me super sleepy.

Occasionally you will see me out by the pool with a tumbler full of wine but it’s probably because I don’t have any beer within my reach, and I am too lazy to go buy some. There are very few wines I do love with dinner and casual nights with my girlfriends. But nine times out of ten I will have a beer.




3 thoughts on “Beer or Wine?”

  1. I am also a fan of Blue Moon, one of my favorite beers to have if I’m at a restaurant. Have you tried Ice Wine? It’s usually an “after dinner” drink. I recently heard about it over the last few months and tried it over Christmas. It blew my mind how good it was!

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