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365 Days Of Writing

March 30, 2016 I published my first article on Fun, Fit & Flirty. I remember the excitement and also apprehension I felt publishing for the first time.My first blog was titled “Why it’s alright not having it altogether by twenty“, and with turning 22 in a few short months that article is still extremely relevant.

As we all now a lot can happen in a year. I am graduating with my Bachelor’s in less than one-hundred days, competing for Miss New Hampshire in a matter of weeks and constantly applying for jobs. #HIREME

My first year of writing has been nothing short of a great experience. Here are some of the best things I have learned while blogging!

To worry less about perfect grammar and care more about the piece of writing I am trying to convey. Don’t get me wrong, punctuation and all that jazz is important but it’s more important dive into your story. Getting caught up in commas and hyphens will distract you from producing your (im)perfect article.

Don’t be afraid to branch out. Some writers love sticking to the same writing style, especially if they’re great at it. But I personally love challenging myself and writing outside of my comfort zone. I have surprisingly written a lot of poetry and short stories, both which I got supportive feed back for.

Inspiration is literally everywhere. Sounds horrible, but during class I occasionally space out, we all do it when an idea for an article will pop in my head. When this happens I grab a pen, my phone or my laptop, whichever one is more readily available and begin jotting down my  ideas. This to me is one of the best parts about being a writer, I get an adrenaline rush off of the spontaneity of my own thoughts. When these moments happen I want nothing more than to drop what I am doing and write.

It is a time commitment. With creating a blog I expected to carve out time to make sure I was updating for my followers as much as possible. For me, this was not a chore because I was lucky enough to have material to write on almost every week, sometimes twice a week.

Writer’s block is real. I realized even the best writers find themselves stuck in a rut every once in a while. When this happens I turn to my followers for blog articles. One of articles titled “20 People On “‘If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?’” was completely composed of experiences and thoughts from my social media followers. I simply asked them that question and to my surprise loved getting involved. A few people actually thanked me for incorporating their ideas on to my website.

Making connections is valued over the number of likes you receive. Everyone loves to receive a million likes on things and at first I was like this, but quickly realized some of my best articles received few or no likes at all. The blogging world is a place I can escape for my own enjoyment I do not need other people telling me if my story is valid or not. The best advice and feedback I have received was from bloggers I have made connections with, not with the people who “liked” my article.

There is no such thing as plateauing in blogging. We have all heard the term to plateau, the point in which you can no longer gain, for bloggers this does not occur. I learned I can always grow in my writing because writers constantly strive for perfection. I can always alter a word or re-phrase a paragraph to be something completely different from it was before. There is always room for growth.

Not everyone will like your work. This does not just go for the blogging but for life in general. You are going to have people who will try to drag you down and make your work seem worthless. But in the same breath, you will have people who will always boost you up and support your endeavors because they know how much you love it. For every negative person I hope you have ten positive ones.

Imposters are out there. Since my blog is mostly casual someone can easily take one of pieces and re-word it into their own. Don’t be fooled, there is a difference between finding inspiration in other blogs and taking the same storyline and adjusting the phrasing. It’s happened and it’s disappointing. You’re an original, you have stories no one else has, tell them and stop copying.

I will never stop writing. As long as I am able to pick up a pencil, type on keyboard and experience life I will never stop writing. It is something that motivates me but also calms me down in times of stress and worry. I consider this one year down and forever to go. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for Fun, Fit & Flirty. Happy Birthday Babe!!




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