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Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up

Dear Stress,

I am going to be quite blunt when I say this, you’re too attached. I thought we had an agreement that when I arrived home from my trip you would keep your distance and only visit in small doses. But nope, you couldn’t help yourself and here the consequences..

I miss my sleep. I miss closing my eyes and dreaming for hours. But you’ve got me tossing and turning, and even waking up in a sweat? I do not appreciate my bed being turned into a sauna. Not to mention the strange dreams I have been having, but we don’t need to go into vast detail.

Now let’s talk about my horrible eating habits lately. Before you made your grand entrance I was happily eating a clean diet. Now, although I still eat fairly healthy I am finding it hard to resist the late night snacking. I know “stressed” backwards is “desserts” but you’re nothing like sweet ice cream or a chocolate brownie, you’re like a mushed rotten banana. And why do you make me crave deli turkey at 10:00 pm?..It’s just not normal.

Since you’ve decided to stay for so long I have been neglecting my friends. It seems as though every time I want to go out or have a little fun, you stop me in my tracks. Because I would so rather be trapped in my own head than having a few beers.

Don’t even get me started on my impulse buying. I had my financials totally under control and now I find myself buying anything from socks that are on sale to water bottles. Don’t you know I have enough water bottles and a surplus of socks! Yes they may not all match but they do the job.

One last complaint, my skin, I would like it back please. This is probably the worst time for you to mess with my complexion. I stress about my stress because it’s causing me to break-out!

There is one thing you have done for me though and that is finding the strength to leave you. That’s right stress, I am sick and tired of you waltzing into my life whenever you dang please just to stir up trouble. You want me to give up, to walk away from my other obligations but I refuse to let that happen. You’ve taught me to change my mind and conquer my priorities first, because you’re an option.

If you ever decide to come back I will not let you in. I will surely:

Walk away

Go meet friends

Laugh at you

and  of course sweat you out at the gym not while I am sleeping..

It’s been a long time coming but I am taking some much needed me time. No hard feelings, right?

Good Riddance,








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