Life, Self

These Are Some of My Favorite Things 

  1. Taking a hot shower after a long day
  2. Sipping on a great cup of coffee
  3. Being appreciated
  4. That first bite of food after being hungry for hours
  5. Paying it forward
  6. Pillow talk
  7. Sleeping next to someone you love
  8. Late night car rides
  9. Good night’s sleep
  10. Bubble baths
  11. Girl’s Nights
  12. Lunch date with mom
  13. Watching your siblings grow up
  14. Deciding to change your life at any moment
  15. Meeting people that unexpectedly become a huge part of your life
  16. Sand between your toes
  17. All nighters
  18. Hitting snooze
  19. Watching people open presents and seeing their reaction
  20. When someone is completely open and honest with you
  21. Getting so lost in a book you also lose track of time
  22. Holding hands, hugging, kissing
  23. To love and to be loved
  24. Endulging in your favorite snack
  25. Getting dolled up
  26. Catching up with an old friend
  27. Traveling, near or far
  28. Beer
  29. Writing
  30. And dancing for hours

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