I Smile because You’re My Siblings, I Laugh because There is Nothing You Can Do About It.

If you didn’t already know by the pictures plastered on your Instagram, the throwback statuses posted on your Facebook feed, or the twitter hashtags, it’s #NationalSiblingsDay! The day to post cute childhood pictures, reminisce and pretend you like each other for 24-hours because there is a whole day for it! And I know for a fact you know if you grew up with siblings, you have the worst and best memories with them.

I was five, my sister was two. She was happily sitting her high chair eating and me being a devious and bored child decided to grab the scissors and chop one side of her hair off. Poor kid didn’t ask for it, I just thought it would be cool if I cut her hair. The funniest part, we still have a picture of it hanging on our wall because it took forever to grow back.

You’re either thinking how horrible of a sister I was or you’ve done something similar to your younger sibling(s) and are now laughing. But she was more than my means of entertainment. My sister was my first best-friend. She would play outside with me when no one else would. We would make giant forts around the house and leave them up for days until our mom made us clean up. She even tackled a girl for hitting me and quote on quote said, “No one hits my sister but me.” Which is super comical because we would legit fist fight until we were young teenagers. But if you didn’t have nail scratches on your arms did you even have a sister?

Fortunately, my youngest sibling, my little brother didn’t experience any nail scratching or hair cutting, not by me anyway. And that’s probably because there is almost an eight year difference between us and it makes our relationship unique. I am more protective over him because I have watched him grow. I was there when he took his first steps and now he’s fourteen, taller than me, and that makes me want to cry. But that does not mean we never fought, because we both have our annoying tendencies.

So, yes there were those days when the same thought crosses every siblings mind, “Why couldn’t I have just been an only child?” Especially if you’re the oldest, like me and fantasize about that idea. It seems great at first, but then you start to feel a tad guilty for wishing them away. And I am glad it never actually happened because all my only child friends still wish they had at least one sibling.

We’ve had our lows but we’ve also had our highs. I go to my sister for editing photos because she’s better at it than me, she has a great sense of style. I mean, who else can you steal clothes from? It’s liking doubling the size of your closet! And she’s brutally honest, sometimes you need to hear it. My brother has such a big heart and I know if it came down to it, both of them would be there for me no matter what.

Happy National Siblings Day! I guess you’re stuck with me 🙂









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