How to Have an Epic Friday Night Alone

Is it me, or did this work week drag more than usual? Most days my only motivation pushing me through my nine to five is the weekend. And with the gorgeous weather already starting the weekends keep looking better and better. But what happens when the weekend arrives you don’t have plans, your boyfriend is with the guys and heck even your mom is out? You can either find comfort in a bottle wine until you pass out around midnight or you can have an epic Friday night alone.

Start a Project…

I know you’ve scrolled through Pinterest hundreds of times wishing you could create a photo wall, make cute lights out of mason jars or learn how to braid your own hair, pick one, any one! Nights alone are perfect for sparking your inner creativity and a d.i.y. project will most certainly do the trick.


Either you’re a clean freak or you’re not and my bet is that you’re not. Juggling a full-time career and playing catch up with daily chores can be tiresome. Spring is the perfect time to sort through unworn and unwanted items. Lucky for you if you’re strapped for cash sell, sell, sell! There are countless apps to get your house clean and all while making an easy dollar. If you happen to either not want money or are just too lazy, donate your items. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, someone will appreciate it.

Find New Music, Find Old Music

We all have our favorite hits but the radio can sometimes ruin even our number one jam(s). There are endless amounts of music on the internet. Listen to a new genre or throw it back ten years. Backstreet Boys, 90’s R&B, Aaron Carter are a few that would make my throwback playlist for sure. Then put that playlist to good use and go for a…

Late Night Drive

There is nothing better on a warm summer night than driving around with the windows down, listening to you favorite tunes and having absolutely no destination. Or even better, take a trip down a back road or cruise by the beach. Grab some ice cream while you’re at it, you know it can’t resist.

Shop Til’ You Drop

You worked your butt of this week for that paycheck, if you have the means go spoil yourself, whether it’s a lot or a little, your secret is safe with me.


I know the last thing you probably want to do after a long work week is slave away in the kitchen or maybe not. I am no master chef and anyone who has tried my cooking can easily tell you that. But every now and again I get an urge to cook and look up fun recipes. It doesn’t have to be Top Chef worthy, a nice homemade pizza and a glass of wine will do just fine.

Call a Relative

Any family member who hasn’t heard from you in a while will gladly appreciate a phone call. It gives you both a chance to catch up on months or maybe years worth of life, this will take up most of your night, in a good way.

Watch Home Videos

These. Are. The. Best. I promise you will get a kick out of your five-year old self.

Or say screw this list, drink a bottle of wine while watching a sappy hallmark movie and tell yourself you’ll try again next Friday!





2 thoughts on “How to Have an Epic Friday Night Alone”

  1. Here’s my Friday night alone: dropped my girlfriend off at the pub for her night out with the girls, settled down to watch a black and white film (Liz hates them.) When I was halfway through the film Liz called to say the boyfriends of her two mates had turned up and she felt left out so, quick wash and freshen up and I had to go out to ‘rescue’ her! Nice post!

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