Learning to Love My Lines

My favorite season is just around the corner. During the frigid winter months I constantly catch myself daydreaming of sun-kissed skin, late night laughs on the beach and finally being able to wear the bathing suits I splurged on back in January. 

I always think to myself this summer will be different. And by that I mean confidently  wearing a bikini again with out my stretch marks or cellulite bothering me. 

It was the summer of 2010. I had just finished up my freshmen year of high school. A few friends of mine and myself  were headed to the beach. Before we left I put my suit bottoms on and noticed purple breaks on the inner part of my thighs. It’s almost like this happened over night. At 15 my insecurity level was already at a six and that pushed it up to an eight. 

I was always naturally thin and couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. I thought stretch marks were for pregnant women only, not a fifteen year old, size 0 rising sophomore. 

It bothered me all through high school and honestly most of college. But I quickly found out almost every woman no matter her shape or stature has stretch marks or cellulite of some sort. It’s a natrual occurrence during growth spurts when the skin stretches too fast and causes breakage. And cellulite is uneven fat distribution but it does mean you’re fat. 

It’s hard to believe I know because in all aspects of the media world cellulite does not “appear” to exist. Plastic surgeons and technology (photoshop) take care of any blemishes a woman may have. But all that does is tell women everywhere that your beauty blemishes are flaws, mistakes, unacceptable and certainly not beautiful. 

Every now and again you’ll see an untouched photo or a model walking the run way with a hint of normalcy. It’s refreshing but doesn’t happen as much as it needs to. 

I’ve accepted my stretch marks and cottage cheese butt, I own it. I am a size 2 and have purple breaks on my inner thighs and cellulite on my butt and outer thighs. I eat well, exercise five-six days a week and it’s not going anywhere. If I have anyone to blame it’s my genetic make-up. How fat is distributed is all related back to your DNA and that is something that cannot be changed. Stop wasting money and energy on creams that don’t work and accept the fact it’s a part of you and the majority of women globally. I would bet anything at least one Victoria Secret Model has a stretch mark or two.

As Kendrick Lamar said perfectly, “I’m so sick and tired of the photoshop, show me something natural like bums with some stretch marks”. 

We want real, we need real. Now go get em’ tiger.  


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