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This Is What I Hope For You At 22

God Dammit Take Risks

Yes it will be scary, yes it will be overwhelming, and yes you might even change. But you may stumble onto something you never expected and that is what makes it all worth it.

Know Your Wants From Your Needs

You’re fresh out of college and even though I know you’re impatient your student loans are not. Do your future self a favor and save your money. Your nails don’t need to be done and your closet doesn’t need to get any bigger. Focus on the essentials for now.

Spend Time With Your Parents

You are lucky enough to be able to live with them rent free, show them a little appreciation. You’re busy and they’re busy too, but don’t forget about your number one fans. Do their laundry, wash the dishes, take them to dinner or cook them dinner. Sometimes the smallest gestures can really make their day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Meet New People

Your best friends will always be your best friends but part of growing up is changing. You are going through huge personal changes right now and that can include your circle of friends. Branch out, this is not high school and no one is judging you.

Take Care of Yourself

Know the difference between working hard and completely neglecting yourself. Don’t let yourself fall a part over a career, a relationship or anything else. Passion is one thing but sacrificing your mental and physical health is another. It’s all about balance and you will learn.

Don’t Let Others Take Advantage of Your Youth

Being young is something a lot of people do get jealous of but keep your head up. Being the youngest isn’t a bad thing, you may not have the experience your co-workers do but you will. Enjoy your youth while you have it!

If You Don’t Like Your Career, Change It

You entered college at eighteen and graduated at twenty-one, you are not going to be the same person you were four years ago. I promise you are not letting anyone down but yourself if stick with something you’re not passionate about.

Always Be Open to Criticism

In the work place be open to critiques and own up to your mistakes. You’re old enough to learn from them and you will become a better worker.


I cannot stress this enough to you. I know you and I know how easily you catch that little travel bug but don’t ignore it. Once you start to settle into a full-blown career and maybe start a family it will be much harder. New England is beautiful but there is so much more beauty to see.

Stop Comparing Your Life to Your Peers

We all take extremely different life paths. I swear some have a blue-print laid out plan they’ve had since they were eleven years old and others are bouncing between jobs every couples of years, that’s okay. Age has nothing to do with how successful you will be in life. The fact is others will reach their goals faster, accept it and move on.

Never Stop Learning

You may be done with school for now but this is when the really learning actually starts. The experience you will gain throughout this year and many years to come is crucial. You can never not learn enough.

Most Importantly Be Yourself

You are bubbly, fun, energetic, healthy and have a smile that can make anyone’s day better. There will be many people trying to tear you down as you climb your way to the top. But don’t knock anyone else down as you get there. Stay humble, work hard and good things will always come your way.

Enjoy 22 my dear.










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