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Short Hair & I Really, Really Don’t Care…About Your Opinion

For almost all of my childhood and into my late teens I had extremely long hair. In high school “long hair” was the style to have and I would do anything to “be cool”. But besides the cool factor I loved my 26 inches of long locks and others loved it too. Having long hair was strangely comforting to me.

Two years ago I decided it was time to part with my hair. I had contemplated the idea of cutting it for quite some time and in October of 2015 I finally did. I ended up donating 13 inches to kids with cancer.

Adjusting to short hair was just plain weird. For more than a decade I had hair that just brushed the bottom of my back and now it barely brushes my collar-bone. I never noticed how much shampoo and conditioner I actually used before making the cut. I saved in ways I never thought I would.

I have let it grow a bit longer now but you definitely cannot say it is long. I actually get my hair cut on a ten-week basis because I can’t stand when it grows to a certain length.

I was talking to a co-worker the other day telling them how excited I am to cut a few more inches off. A few male co-workers over heard the conversation and decided to rudely put their “style-sense” in.

“Don’t cut your hair, it wouldn’t look good.”

“Yeah, women don’t look good with short hair.”

Why do men think they have a say in everything? Hello, I wasn’t talking to you and if I am being honest, we don’t keep our hair long or short for ANYONE, we do what we like for OURSELVES. I never comment on their large beer guts because what if they like it?! If any words came out of my mouth in that moment I probably would’ve lost my job, so I pretended like I didn’t hear them and changed the subject.

What they said didn’t bother me in the slightest. What bothered me was, comments like that make some women feel more insecure about what they decide to do with their hair, how to dress and how much make-up they apply. This isn’t the first time comments have been made about the length of my hair, relatives have also stuck their opinion in.

When I was seven I cut my hair short for first time. I was very excited to show my family and when they finally saw it one person in particular said how awful it looked. First off, not the best thing to tell a second grader and second don’t ever say that to a second grader! My male co-workers reminded me of that moment and I wasn’t going to let them win like my family member did.

I initially cut my hair for children who are sick and I ended up loving the way it turned out, so I keep up with it. Never will I listen to a man or a woman who tells me how should look. I love my short hair and I really don’t care. End Rant.




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