P.S. Mom, I Still Need You

To: My Mom/My Twin/My Best Friend,

Life seems to be getting in between us lately. It’s difficult you working night shift, while I am up before your foot steps in the door. We couldn’t be more on opposite schedules.

Over the past six months, both of our lives have undergone a lot of changes. You’re taking on a whole new career while I am a recent undergrad just dipping my foot into the job pool.

Adjusting to “Adult Life” has been anything but easy for me and I know it’s no easier for you. I am in a hurry to take off while you’re preparing for it.

Truth is, I know I am not home a lot. I know I am not around like I used to be, but I still need you.

I need you whenever I have had a long Friday night at work and you’re the only one who wont judge me for finishing half a bottle of wine, because you’ll be there to pop another one open with me.

I need you whenever my heart is broken and we watch sappy hallmark movies, eat our feelings and talk about why we hate men so much.

I need you whenever I am trying on new clothes because I know you will be brutally honest.

I need you whenever I don’t know the answers, because you’re my mom and you have all the answers.

I need you whenever I land my dream job, because you will be the first one I will call.

I need you whenever I seem to get wild and crazy ideas because you’re my biggest support system.

I need you whenever I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my life and have mental breakdowns every week.

I need you for food…just kidding…no I really you need you for food, I have no money and you make great meals.

I need you to send me those “I love You” messages during the day because you have no idea how much those mean to me.

I need you to know that when I am not around, you are always with me. And me being gone has nothing to do with you, but that I need to grow into myself. I can’t do that at home.

I need you because you’re my mom and my best friend and my role model. I will never get old enough to out grow our relationship. At the end of the day I will always need you whether it seems obvious or not.


Your 22-year-old Daughter Who Will Always Need You




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