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I Am Proof You Can Get Fit And Not Spend Hundreds A Month On A Gym Membership

There is nothing more aggravating than people taking advantage of our health and our desire to get in shape…

Since the age of fifteen I have considered myself a workoutaholic. I started out Kick-Boxing five to six days a week then began back-to-back Zumba classes. The classes mind you were not cheap. But as a teen why would the expense bother me? I had zero bills pay and didn’t really know what the cost of being fit was. If there was such thing I wasn’t thinking about it.

It wasn’t until this past year I realized how much people actually shovel out to get in shape and I was one of them. At one point not too long ago I was pouring roughly $200 a month into a membership. That’s a few dollars shy of my car payment and for what exactly? Equipment? Training? It never added up for me and it still doesn’t.

How can you put a price on the well-being of people? Things cost money, I understand but there are too many gyms profiting off of our health because people are willing to fall for it. I call it a scam.

Now I may sound like the biggest hypocrite because I do in fact have a gym membership. But I am not ranting about a membership, I love my gym. I am ranting about certain places taking full advantage of our health with ridiculous prices. They want us to think we need to pay that much and we don’t at all. I am proof you don’t need to spend hundreds, even thousands to better yourself.

For $30 at my gym I can attend unlimited classes seven days a week. Depending on the day there are 4-10 exercises classes offered during the week and the weekend.  The classes vary from beginners yoga to intense strength training. The other gym offered one style of exercise for literally 7x the money?! Do the benefits really outweigh the high cost when I am gaining the same results at a fraction of the price?

My boyfriend also said screw high gym memberships and started exercising from his basement, which is why he is another perfect example. In four months he’s gained thirty pounds of lean muscle and he did it all from his home. Now, don’t get me wrong you will have to spend money one way or another, whether it’s buying dumbbells or a new yoga mat. But I promise you that foam roller will not cost $200, unless it’s made out of gold.

We also neglect a very important factor to our health and that’s what we eat. We see advertised exercise, exercise, exercise! I hate to break anyone’s bubble but your health and how your body operates is 80%-90% what you eat not how much you exercise. There is this misconception you can spend an hour at the gym and then eat three slices of cake. Sadly abs are not made from chocolate frosting. Ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen?” Well if you haven’t, now you have because it’s about eating well and living well.

I love exercising and I love the gym. It’s my time when I can let my stress out and sweat like a pig without any one judging me. But any trainer will tell you nutrition is and always should be your first priority. Your body will perform at its peak when it’s fed right.

For the longest time I thought paying for my training would get me the best results and I am clearly not the only one.  Hey, if you can afford a high membership all the power to you. I am not telling you to cancel it or yell at your gym after reading this but what I am saying is you can do a whole lot better for a whole lot less.

When it comes down to it, you put in the work. The only person who is going to whip yourself into to shape is you.








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