Not Your Average Spectator

Last Friday night I attended the Lowell Spinners baseball game with family and friends. I got to do everything your normal baseball fan would do, eat copious amounts of hot dogs and not be judged because it’s a baseball game. Scream really loud every time they hit a home run and walk around during the seventh-inning stretch. But my experience may have been a little different from the average fan because…I (Miss Merrimack) was invited to Princess Night!

Each year the Lowell Spinners has a Princess Night Promotion. The promotion is aimed towards father’s and their daughters and includes some awesome perks. The package includes two tickets to that night’s game, a free tiara for all the princesses, pictures with familiar princesses such as Cinderella, Anna, Elsa, and Moana. A princess parade around the ball park and an exclusive seat in the dug-out to watch the fireworks!

I had the honor of meeting, taking pictures, and signing autographs for all the beautiful princesses. I even got a picture with Elsa myself! Who says a princess can’t take a picture with another princess?

20621045_10209708540257976_198821005031796186_nAnd on top of all that I also got to throw out the ceremonial pitch! That was a first and I considered it a success not only because it made it into the catcher’s glove but because it didn’t fly behind me or injure anyone.

This Spinners Promotion is clearly successful year after year. And what I20637863_10209708461496007_2292267981480657734_n love more about this event is, it forms a father/daughter bond through baseball. Sports are highly perceived to be a father/son only activity. But as a female who enjoys a variety of sports and someone who always watched them with my dad (pictured with me on right) growing up, it’s refreshing to see it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, sports are fun to watch! Well unless you ask my boyfriend he would disagree with that statement!

Overall my night as a Princess was successful! I even met a few families who live in Merrimack, NH or are from the surrounding area! This definitely makes it into my top highlights as Miss Merrimack 2017! Thank you to the Lowell Spinners for involving me in such a wonderful night!





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