A 6 Year-Old’s Remembrance of 9/11

I don’t remember 9/11 like most. I was six-years-old and first grade had just begun. I remember lining up single file and walking towards the music room. As I made my way down the hall I caught a glimpse of sunshine out of a nearby window. I remember how sunny it was that day and could not wait for recess.

The seats in the music room were placed in a semi-circle. It’s funny what a six-year old mind remembers. We had just sat down when our principle made an announcement. This is where my memory gets blurred. I vividly remember him asking us to bow our heads for a moment of silence. We were not told why but even at six, I knew something terrible had happened.

I think we left school early that day but I am not entirely sure. I remember seeing teachers and older students crying. When I got home I don’t know if my mom told me or not, I don’t remember asking and I don’t remember her telling me.

Sixteen years later at twenty-two years old I sit and watch documentary after documentary about that horrific day. Each time I watch it gets harder to see. I can’t even conceptualize the horror that surrounded the people of New York City, The Pentagon and Washington that morning.

I feel so grateful to have been so small and not have had the intellect to see our world for what it really is. I am also grateful to have not had a parent or relative working in the twin towers. But admits all this I feel so selfish.

Catastrophic events such as 9/11 really put life into a whole new perspective. My problems, worries, doubts are microscopic in retrospect to what other people in the world are facing. Many other countries are seeing so much death they have become numb to it, while I am worried about what career path to pursue.

No matter where you live geographically life is never guaranteed. Do not wait until events such as 9/11 for you to appreciate your loved ones and your own life. Wherever you are, absorb everything around you. Maybe you’re lying comfortably in your bed. Hold onto that comfort. Maybe you are talking on the phone with your mom. Hold onto that conversation. Maybe you are working. Hold onto that energy. Live your life as if there was no such thing as violence, for I hope one day it will come true.

To every person who risked their own life to save others, thank you. To every person who made it out safely, my heart is with you. To every person who lost someone in that attack, you’re always in my prayers. And to every innocent person who died that day, may you rest in the sweetest peace. I do believe the world is filled with more love than hate. And I don’t believe, I know, one day love will conquer all.



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