For the Love of Football

This girl loves her laces and leather, but that wasn’t always the case…

Growing up my dad was and still is a huge sports fan. I watched every sports related airing with him from baseball to wrestling (wrestling being my childhood favorite). He would wake me up to watch the cage matches because they were on at midnight, and me being eight years old would always fall asleep before then. But more recently I have morphed into a huge football follower.

My boyfriend’s family are dedicated football fans (except him) and I mean dedicated. For example, wearing the color red during a game is forbidden. They believe red is bad juju for our home team so it’s not allowed. One night while watching pre-game shows I decided I really wanted to learn the game, instead of pretending like I knew what was going on. And who better to ask then my boyfriend’s mom.

I sat and watched while she explained all the positions, special teams, rules and different penalties to me. To my surprise it was a lot easier to understand than I thought. From that night I was honestly hooked on watching football, and not just my home team but all football games. It is fun guessing what penalty they are going to call or what plays the quarter back decides.

For almost two seasons now I have been watching the game but have never attended one until this past Saturday when I had a stroke of luck. On my way home from CrossFit I was listening to the radio when the host announced they were giving away play off tickets at 7:20 am. At 7:11 am I ran up stairs to quickly shower then I started dialing at 7:18 am. I called a total of four times before they finally picked up on the fifth call and I won! The first person I thought to bring with me was my dad, the man who introduced me to everything sports in the first place. Unfortunately he had work obligations so I took my mom, two women taking on out very first football game.

The experience was one for the books. The energy of the crowd was exhilarating. Being able to stand with thousands of other fans who share the same love for the sport was for a lack of a better word awesome. When I took my seat I felt like I had entered a community.  And the best part was most of the fans around me were women.

Women and men should be able to love, watch and play whatever sport they’re passionate about. If you love something you love it regardless of your gender. And no, I don’t watch football just to stare at players (well staring doesn’t hurt), but I watch because I genuinely love it. I am hoping one day to be head PR (Public Relations) for a football team!

So yes I am a women and yes I love football!





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